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Discover the origins of the mediaeval village of Tona

This is a guided tour on which you’ll discover the origins of the mediaeval village of Tona, located on the Castle Plain. The tour takes in several landmarks, such as the Tonda (a water deposit carved out of the rock), the Church of Sant Andreu and the castle watchtower. You’ll find out how a small settlement was established at the foot of the hill, where you’ll visit the Lourdes Sanctuary (also known as the Church of Santa Maria del Barri). Then you’ll head to the Camp de les Lloses Interpretation Centre, which houses the permanent archaeology collection of the municipality, including important local exhibits dating from the Middle Ages.

This is a very manageable history, archaeology and heritage route involving a walk of medium difficulty. If any of the members of the group can’t make it up the hill of the Castle Plain, they can wait at the Lourdes Sanctuary or at the Camp de les Lloses Archaeology Park, where they can attend a workshop devoted to day-to-day life in the Middle Ages. It’s a unique, fun, healthy and exciting route that gives you a chance to enjoy a very humanised landscape. Guided by an archaeologist, you’ll discover the secrets of the history of Tona.

More information: Centre d’interpretació del Camp de les Lloses

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