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Monestir de Sant Pere de Casserres

Monestir de Sant Pere de Casserres-Les Masies de Roda de Ter-Osona Turisme- en BAIXA-©J.Santaugini-018 (1)

The monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres is the only one of the Benedictine order in Osona. It is located in the Masias de Roda and was erected under the patronage of the Viscount’s family from Osona. The promoter was Viscountess Ermetruit, when in 1006 she bought the allodial domain of Casserres from Count Ramon Borrell of Barcelona, ​​with the intention of building a monastery dedicated to Sant Pere.

Prior to the construction of the monastery, there was a completed castle in this place documented since 898, with a chapel dedicated to Saint Peter, which the viscounts decided to convert into a monastery. An ancient legend says that the monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres was founded by the Viscounts of Osona and Cardona on the relics of a child of the Viscounts who was preserved mummified, who, three days after being born, spoke and went to say that he would not live more than thirty days, and that once dead his body would be placed in a closed ark, on a mule. Wherever the animal stopped, a monastery was to be built under the patronage of St. Peter. The relics of this child were much revered in the monastery and when there was a drought they went down in procession to the Ter and wet the ark containing the child, in the waters of the river.

The monastery currently houses a permanent exhibition where the life of the monks in Casserres is interpreted, through the recreation of the rooms that have preserved the same layout over the centuries, as well as an audiovisual where the legend, the history is explained. and the process of building the monastic complex.

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01/06 a 30/09 from 10.00 to 19.30h
01/10 a 31/05 from 10.00 to 17.30

Closed on non-holiday Mondays (if Monday is a public holiday, the monastery will remain open and closed on Tuesdays), 25 and 26 December and 1 January.
Closed for holidays from 6 to 31 January.

More information:
Tel.937 447 118 – 606 892 200

Consult the visitor’s guide

It is possible to visit with a guide.
– Duration: 1 hour
– Accessible activity: Partially accessible to people with physical disabilities.
– Minimum number per group: 8 people.

– Approximate price: 3€ + ticket price. Prior reservation required by phone. 93 744 71 18

The monastery, surrounded by the waters of the Sau reservoir, is a jewel of Catalan Romanesque architecture. But have you ever wondered how such a construction was possible? Who participated? Where did they get the money and the building materials from? What tools did they use? How come the barrel vaults and arches are still standing a thousand years after they were built? Come to Casserres and discover all the secrets of construction. – Duration: 30 minutes
– Accessible activity: Partially accessible to people with physical disabilities.
– Recommended time: Saturdays and Sundays at 11 a.m. all year round.
– No. max / min per group: 30/4 people
– Minimum age: Over 5 years

– Approximate price: First Saturday of each month: 1 € / person, separate ticket. Remainder: 3 € / person, separate entrance.

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