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With its landscape, roads, heritage and villages it is an ideal place to take different kinds of routes on foot or by bicycle. Lying apart from the large urban centers, Llucanes keeps hidden and shows the discreet charm of the rural world today. Landscape, art and high quality gastronomy come together on this plateau. Heritage of livestock activity has supplied the current time with architectural and patrimonial elements of great historical and cultural value such as different paths through the spots of transhumance.

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The municipalities that make up Lluçanès by the Osona region are:
Alpens, Lluçà, Olost, Oristà, Perafita, Prats de Lluçanès, Sant Agustí de Lluçanès, Sant Bartomeu de Grau, Sant Boi de Lluçanès, Sant Martí d’Albars i Sobremunt

C/Vell, 3 – 08515 – Santa Creu de Jutglar
Telèfon: 93.888.00.50

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