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Lluçà is situated centre-west of the Lluçanès county, with a size of 53,5 square kilometres. The village of Santa Eulàlia de Puig-oriol is the main part of the town, which was developed following the path of the rural road during the XVIII century. Lluçà is the historical part of the town, where you can find the old canonical Agustinian of Santa Maria de Lluçà with a tiny cloister and a museum. We can also find the Lluçà castle, at the top of a hill, where you can find the circular chapel of Sant Vicenç del Castell and some ruins of the castle. Also, the streams of Merlès, Lluçanès and the Gavarresa pass through the town.
Town Council of Lluçà. C/ Rourets, s/n – 08514 Lluçà. Tel. 93 855 40 62 – –

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