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Milk Route

The Milk Route is an agri-food tourist route on which you can discover local cheesemakers and milk farms. Visit cow, sheep and goat farms, tasting different cheeses, milk and other dairy products, where all the processes are explained by the producers themselves. You’ll discover small farms that blend in with the landscape, along with farmers who apply and transmit their traditional know-how in combination with new farming and animal handling technology. You’ll also get a chance to visit production facilities where unique products are made, as well as meeting restaurateurs who appreciate local products and incorporate them in their menus.

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the Lluçanès area at leisure, under the guiding hand of farmers and producers of cheese and other dairy products. From the pastures of cows, sheep and goats to the table, in the form of cheeses and dairy-based desserts. There’ll be a warm welcome for anyone who’s keen to discover what makes the locals tick in the Lluçanès area. Head here whenever you like to discover how milk finds its way from the fields and farms to processing facilities and, finally, to restaurants.

Lluçanès is an important area for the production milk, cheese and dairy products, with all sorts of interesting and wide-ranging initiatives. In this part of the world you’ll find everything from cow, sheep and goat farms to restaurants that make dishes using these dairy products.

More information: Consorci del Lluçanès

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