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Laying a Roman table at Camp de les Lloses

This workshop at the Camp de les Lloses Interpretation Centre, which involves laying a table with reproductions of Roman tableware, is designed to give families some insight into everyday life at this Roman Republic site. Participants share a meal of bread (made using the traditional Roman recipe), cheese and honey. This eating experience, ideal for families, is a fun, participative way to find out about Roman society, economics, trade, customs and beliefs. Seated around a simple table, featuring period objects, participants find out what family life was like 2,100 years ago. The workshop offers families the chance for one of their members to dress up as a Roman solider, with reproduction armour. It’s an activity that combines interactive fun for all the family with a wealth of historical and archaeological knowledge. All the items are faithful reproductions and can be viewed in the display cases of the museum.

More information: Centre d’interpretació del Camp de les Lloses

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