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Literary tourism

Osona is the birthplace or residence of a great number of artists. Two great poets, Jacint Verdaguer and Miquel Martí i Pol, stand out amongst them. Their life and works have left a great legacy in the county.
Visit “Verdaguer in the Countryhouse of Voltregà”
Jacint Verdaguer i Santaló was born in Folgueroles on May 17, 1845 and died in Vallvidrera (Barcelona) on June 10, 1902. This Romantic writer and key figure of the Catalan Renaixença laid down the foundations of Catalan literature.

Miquel Martí i Pol (Roda de Ter, March 19, 1929 – November 11, 2003) is one of the most popular and widely-read contemporary poets. The route around Roda de Ter presents the poet’s work through his vital landscape, linking literature to life by means of geographical and human landscapes. It consists of 18 duly signposted reading points.

Given the importance of these literary figures Written Landscapes of the Plaine of Vic has been created: Verdaguer and Martí Pol, a project that links land and poetry; a walk trough life and work of these two great poets.

Literary route of Miquel Martí Pol in Roda de Ter
The route presents the work of the poet through its bright landscape. It ties literature together with life through geographical and human landscapes: from the house where he was born, to the factory where he worked and other places of importance related to his experiences.

Duration: The route takes 2 hours approximately.
Accessible activity: The activity is mostly outdoors and the places are adapted for people with physical disabilities.
No. max. Group: 25 people.
Languages: Spanish and Catalan (notice in advance)
Approximate price: € 45 adult group; € 35 schoolchildren and pensioners, the basic route.

More information: 

Fundació Miquel Martí i Pol. Carrer Costa del Ter, 9-15. 08510 · Roda de Ter. T. 93 850 03 55.

This route takes in the House-Museum and several landmarks of the village related to the writer’s life and work (family homes, Carrer Major and the church), along with the wonderful beauty spots in the surrounding countryside, ending up at the Chapel of La Damunt or the Brins d’Espígol (Lavender Thread) Garden, the place where Verdaguer explains that his life as a poet began as he contemplated the Vic Plain, the Pyrenees and Pedraforca Mountain. Your guide explains and contextualises each of the places on the route and recites excerpts from Verdaguer’s work.

– Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
– Accessibility: the outdoor spaces are not adapted
– Languages: Catalan

– Approximate price: €7/person (min. 10 people)
– Pre-booking required

information:  Casa Museu Verdaguer – Carrer Major, 7 – 08519 Folgueroles – T. 93 812 21 57 -  - @fjverdaguer 

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