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Bread Route

The Bread Route is a an agri-food tourist route that follows the journey of wheat from the field to the table. You can complete the entire route or a section of it, visiting a wheat farm, an ancient flour mill and a bakery that uses the local forment wheat variety, finding out about the processes involved from the very experts who do the work.

The Bread Route is a great way to explore the Lluçanès area, to find out from farmers and millers about the local forment wheat variety, and to taste the bread. It’s a gentle way to explore and enjoy the landscape and its gastronomic heritage. Discover a land with real character, halfway between the Vic Plain and the Berguedà area, where farming is still very much alive and where food is not manufactured but made.

More information: Mas Terricabras i Consorci del Lluçanès

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