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The orchids of Montesquiu Castle Park

Botanical excursion to discover the orchids of Montesquiu Castle Park. Along the route you’ll visit several habitats in order to observe and enjoy the unique forms and colours of these spectacular flowers. Depending on the time of year, you may see orchid species such as the monkey orchid, Catalan orchid, ophrys passionis, dark-bee orchid, burn-tip orchid or man orchid. Learn how to recognise them, discovering some of their distinctive features and main characteristics, and find out about their relationships with pollinators. Up to 28 different orchid species can be found in this part of northern Osona; they’re a natural treasure just waiting to be discovered. This botanical excursion is a low-intensity hiking activity aimed at small groups of nature lovers. What makes it special is that it gives you the chance to enjoy, observe and find out about a local nature attraction, namely the orchid, one of the most beautiful and spectacular flowers to be found in the Montesquiu Castle Park.

More information: Muntanya i Natura

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