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If there is one thing that has characterized the city of Manlleu throughout time is its privileged location near the river Ter. The river has become the architect of this territory located between two of the most characteristic bends of the Plain.

Pebbles dragged along the river can be found in many urban constructions (and even in the bell tower, a watchtower that majestically rises from the hill that forms Dalt Vila). It was also the water of Ter domesticated in an industrial canal that made the first modern industrialization of the region in the middle of nineteenth century possible.

Today we can see a union of factories and the river throughout 4 km of fluvial front which the municipality possesses: including Cau Faluga, the former residence of Rusiñol family.

And within the town there is a monumental noucentist square of Fray Bernardino and Can Puget, together with schools, theaters, associational centers, cooperatives, and a range of houses for the workers and residential houses of manufacturers, which have become a magnificent example of living history.

A visit to the Museum of the Ter lets us get to know the historic aspects of the process of industrialization in the middle Ter. Machines and models help to understand the transformation of cotton into yarn, and understand the influence of this change on the society. The guided tour allows us to see the spectacular start-up of one of the oldest turbines of the Ter – Fontaine turbine of 1860 – .

More information

Oficina de Turisme de Manlleu
Plaça de les Dones del Ter, 1
08560 Manlleu
Tel. 938 515 176

Through this route we will find out how the water marked the industrial history of Manlleu. Social and urban development is linked to the existence of this channel, a meeting point for women from working class families (laundry place). The route allows you to see different aspects of the river and the canal such as flora, fauna or hydraulic devices related to operation of the channel.
– Price for groups: 3,5 € per person
– Senior groups: 3 € per person
– Duration: 1’15 h
* Minimum group: 15 people

This tour goes through the industrial part of Manlleu of the middle of c. XIX, the time when the city was the industrial capital of Osona. We will begin the visit at the bank of the river Ter and the industrial canal of Manlleu and continue in the old street of the Ter and the street of manufacturers. Having got to the monumental noucentist square of Fray Bernardino, we will end up in the oldest center of Manlleu, Dalt Vila, where there will be the opportunity to walk up to the bell tower of the church of Santa Maria.
The tower can be visited on condition of accessibility (there are 156 steps up and down, there is an elevator that is not always operating). There is also a possibility to arrange visits for groups focusing only on the bell.

– Price for groups: 3,5 € per person
– Senior groups: 3€ per person
– Duration: 1’45 h
* Minimum group: 15 people

During the visit we will explain the historical development of the colony linked to the path of the modernist artist Santiago Rusiñol and his relationship with Manlleu. We will visit the gardens and enter the villa of owners – Cau Faluga – and will also visit the flat of the director, the turbine – still in function – and factory of spinning where you can see part of the machinery.
-Price for groups:: 5 €per person
-Senior groups: 4,5 €per person
– Duration: 2’30 h
* Minimum group: 15 people

 Tourist office in Manlleu

Passeig del Ter, 2 – 08560 Manlleu. Tel. 938 515 176

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