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Viladrau belongs to Osona county but to Girona province. It has an extention of about 51 km2 and the town is situated 821 metres above sea level and it has got 1.036 inhabitants. It is situated between Montseny and Guilleries areas. Its landscape is so beautiful due to density of the forests and the huge amount of water while converting it into a traditional area of tourism and summer breaks.

Town council of Viladrau. Carrer Balcells i Morató, 3 – 17406 Viladrau. Tel. 93 884 80 04 – –

Més informació:
Espai Montseny
Carrer Migdia, 1 – 17406 Viladrau.
Tel. 93 884 80 35

A spectacular and suggestive visitor center to delve into the stories and legends of witches and bandits

The lush forests of Montseny were the scene where the stories of legendary characters, such as the bandit Serrallonga, mythical inhabitants such as the water women, or the witches of Viladrau, who were persecuted and even executed during the seventeenth century. Espai Montseny de Viladrau recreates these spaces and the stories of all these characters in a new visitor center, equipped with multimedia technology unheard of until now in the country

Espai Montseny is a suggestive facility, which takes us into magical atmospheres, with enveloping and exciting image and sound effects. We will see holograms of bandits and water women appear and disappear, we will enter a magical forest, we will be able to attend witch rituals …

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