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Rupit i Pruit

Pont penjant de Rupit (Osona). Juny de 2020.
If there were a place in Catalonia where the landscape has found the perfect balance between the geological grandeur and the human scale, that place would be Collsacabra. The center is Rupit, a town that seems to be built to admire and that retains the calm of old cobblestone streets and houses framed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. You can find a set of scattered farmhouses, known as Pruit, which evokes the time when wealth was linked to the ground. The situation has converted Rupit and Pruit into an ideal place to look for peace through the beauty of the plateau that offers some places such as Sallent waterfall, Sant Joan de Fàbregas and some small Romanesque buildings scattered around the mountain.
Town Council of Rupit i Pruit. Pl. Major, 6 – 08569 – Rupit i Pruit – Telèfon: 938 522 003. Fax: 938 522 051 – –

Braseria El Coll
Ca l’Estragués
Can Sallent Braseria
El Genet
Fonda Marsal
Hostal La Devesa
Hostal Estrella
L’Hort d’en Roca
Restaurant Càmping Rupit
Forn de l’Era
Bar-embotits Crosas
El mirador del Pont
El tarota
Restaurant La Rectoria

Mas Ca la Quima
El Colomer
La Cabanya del Vilar
Mas La Serra de Pruit
La Caseta
Mas Casalliques
Mas Joan
Mas la Serra
Vila Santa Llúcia

Address: parking at the entrance to the village
Coordinates: 42°01’34.03″N 2°27’53.05″E

Places: 8

  • Water;
  • Electricity;
  • Waste water discharge;
  • Public WCs
  • Picnic area
  • Children’s playground

Rate:The stay in the area from 0 to 30 minutes is free
€ 7 per night, the supply of electricity is free and the supply of water € 1/50 liters of water. Payment at the Tourist Information Point.

Observations:open all year round..

Contact: Rupit and Pruit Town Hall. Pl. Major, 6 – 08569 – Rupit i Pruit – Telephone: 938 522 003. Fax: 938 522 051 – –

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