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Routes of the Lluçanès VTT Centre

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It has 8 routes with a total of 220.13 km signposted. In this center there can be found: 2 green routes, 2 blue routes and 3 red routes . The reception point of this center is located in the municipal pavilion of Prats de Lluçanès.

More information at: Turisme Lluçanès

Brochure about Lluçanès VTT Centre (downloaddescarregarinnerandouterpart)

Easy route allowing us to go around the town of Prats de Lluçanès passing through Cadira de Galceran, a strategic place during the first carline wars, and the primitive chapel of St. Sebastian which still holds the traditional races of Elois.

Kilometres: 5,1
Overall rise: 95 m.

Variant of route 4, flat route that passes through Cadira de Galceran. All around the Valley of Merlès it comes to the church of Sant Andreu de Llanars, XII century Romanesque building, to the chapel ofSant Sebastià.

Kilometres: 10,02
Overall rise 170 m.

Variant of the route 5 with steep irregularity. Pass through Pedra Dreta along the stream Merlès, reach Salselles, old town of Llucanes, and continue to the architectural estate of Lluçà with the church of Santa Maria, the Romanesque cloister and the remains of the Castle, with the church of the round floor of Sant Vicenç.

Kilometres: 30,13
Overall rise: 860 m.

Route which in many stretches coincides with the short trail of the route PR C-44 and which take us to get to know the most important countryhouses around Prats de Lluçanès passing through the mountain range of Degollats and the coast of Cavalleria.

Kilometres: 21,66
Overall rise: 370 m.

Route of a high technical level that passes through the Fixed Orientation Circuit of Prats de Lluçanès. It reaches Oristà, where there is a pre-Romanesque crypt and the Museum of Pottery, and passes through Olost and Santa Creu de Jutglar to go back to Prats. On the trail, there converge the stream of Llucanes and the one of Gavarresa with all tributaries.

Kilometres: 41,95
Overall rise 937 m.

Steep route going along the Plain of Areas of Natural Interest of Sorreigs passing through three municipalities where there are old mills, spring wells, gorges and great diversity of plant and animal species; much of the route coincides with the short route PR C-46.

Kilometres: 34,78
Overall rise: 859 m.

Variant of the route 6. The first kilometers are parallel to the road which leads to the town of Sant Feliu Sasserra passing by the church of Santa Eulalia de Pardines and continuing to the Serrat of Gorses approximately in the middle of the route.

Kilometres: 24,29
Overall rise: 501 m.

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