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Sant Pere de Torelló

Situated in the nort-western part of the region, between the Ges and the Fornés rivers confluence, the town has a privileged environment due to its impressive mountains. It has got 54,42 km2, being one of the biggest surfaces in the region. They are part of the Plan of Natural Interest Spaces (PEIN) due the mountains which are part of the municipality (Puigsacalm-Bellmunt-Milany). Sant Pere is the fifht village which has more monumental trees in all Catalonia; in fact 70% of its area is formed by forests, plantations and pasture.
Town Council of Sant Pere de Torelló. C/ Verdaguer, 18 – 08572 Sant Pere de Torelló. Tel. 93 858 40 24 – –

Cals Avis
Cal Ferrer
Mas Piguillem
Santuari de Bellmunt

JANUARY: 5th, The Three Wise Men Parade. 4th Sunday. Sant Sebastià Trade.
EASTER MONDAY: Bellmunt Trade
SUNDAY AFTER EASTER: Easter in Sant Andreu de la Vola
APRIL: 23th Saint George Day
JUNE: 23th Canigó Flame and Saint John’s open-air dance. 29th, Sant Pere, small village trade.
SEPTEMBER: Bellmunt Duathlon. 11th, Catalan National Day. 4th weekend, Village Trade.
OCTOBER: Tardoral in Grevolosa. Popular walk. 31th, Chestnut Party.
DECEMBER: Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Address: BV-5224. Street 5b
Coordinates: 42°04’01.27 “N 2°17’02.63″E

Places: 12

  • Water;
  • Electricity;
  • Waste water discharge;
  • Picnic area

Rate: The stay in the area costs 5 euros

Observations: open all year round..

Contact: Sant Pere de Torelló Town Hall. C / Verdaguer, 18 – 08572 Sant Pere de Torelló. Tel. 93 858 40 24 – – –

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