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Pont del Molí de la Bertrana-l'Esquirol-Osona Turisme- en ALTA-©J.Santaugini-007

The town of l’Esquirol is the natural path or the door to Collsacabra. It is a large area formed by four small villages: Sant Martí Sescorts, at the lowest part of the municipality, a little village which surrounds the church, the most part of the inhabitants live in country houses; l’Esquirol, its origins are an old guesthouse situated next to the rural road from Vic to Olot; Cantonigròs is the second largest village, its origin is also an old guesthouse situated next to the rural road from Vic to Olot, created by the gascon Antoni Prat, also named Toni Gros; Sant Julià de Cabrera, is formed by isolated houses, with a tiny area where there is the Romanesque church , the rectory and a country house, from here there are lots of little paths to the chapel of Cabrera (1300 m.) and it’s worth visiting it.

Town Council of l’Esquirol. C/ Nou, 1 – 08511 L’Esquirol. Tel. 938 568 000 – –

Bubble Planetarium, Anigami

Tretze taules. L’Esquirol
El Roc. Cantonigròs
Ca l’Ignasi i Ca la Laia. Cantonigròs
Cal Carreter. Cantonigròs
Can Puntí. Cantonigròs
Hostal Collsacabra. L’Esquirol
La Teuleria. Sant Martí Sescortses
Santuari de Cabrera. Sant Julià de Cabrera
Restaurant la Cooperativa. L’Esquirol
Cabrerès hostal de muntanya. Cantonigròs
Casa de menjar i beure “Ca la Salut”. Sant Martí Sescorts
Ca la Rotllada. Cantonigròs

Hostal Collsacabra
Cabrerès hostal de muntanya. Cantonigròs

Cal Masover
El Collell
El Puig
Santa Maria del Roure

Weekly open-air market: Friday
JANUARY: Sant Antoni Abat Festival (L’Esquirol)
MAY: Cabrerès BTT Cycling ( L’Esquirol)
JUNE: Projections in the open-air ( l’Esquirol)
AUGUST: Esquirol Trade, Cantonigròs Trade, Sant Julià de Cabrera Trade.
OCTOBER: Mycology show ( Cantonigròs)
NOVEMBER: Sant Martí Sescorts Show. Land Market.

Adress: Cantonigròs
Coordinates: 42º02’32”N 2º24′ 17”E

Places: 8

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Waste water discharge


  • Picnic area

TRate: The stay in the area costs 5 euros

Observations: open all year round..

Contact: Esquirol Town Hall. C / Nou, 1 – 08511 L’Esquirol. Tel. 938 568 000 – –


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